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Patrizia - The Edge of Emotion

Patrizia is a Mediterranean beauty born in Abruzzi, Italy and grew up in Ontario. The Italian / Canadian Rock Diva has an absolutely stunning and solid voice. She can make it sound so sexy, but at times so angst-filled. The combination of her unique soprano voice and thundering rock, creates a stunning new genre in the musical world.Patrizia's music videos are featured on Bravo!Video, UK's Classic FM TV (the world's first classical music channel with an MTV treatment), and at The Italian Film Festival.

1. Fury (Mozart/Lyrics by Patrizia)
2. Damnation (Verdi)
3. Terror (Verdi/Lyrics by Patrizia)
4. Heartbreak (Bellini)
5. Temptation (Bizet)
6. Desperation (Puccini)
7. Devotion (Bellini)
8. Ecstasy (Bizet)
9. Forgiveness (Verdi)
10. My Way (Intro) (Thibault/Francois/Reveaux/Anka)
11. My Way (Thibault/Francois/reveaux/Anka)

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