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Pam Marsh - Said Good Bye - Panda Digital

Pam Marsh {SOCAN}, Brian MacLeod

(c) Hitbound Music Ltd. {SOCAN}

Recorded and Mixed by Jim Frank - Sound Stage:Toronto, Canada

Edited by Adam Gallant - The Hill Sound Studio: Charlottetown, Canada

Graphic Design by Dalmac - Charlottetown, Canada

Produced and Arranged by Andrew A. Melzer

(p) Panda Digital PDCD0298 UPC 800040002985

Doug Riley - Piano/Organ

Brian McLeod - Guitar

Paul Stamp - Drums

Ken Morris - Bass

Pam Marsh, Rhonda Silver - Harmonies

Licensing for Film & TV

We are placing much effort into getting our catalog of recordings in front of the music supervisors who chose the music for major motion picture studios, television networks, independent film makers, documentary producers and advertising agencies. Our music has been licensed for various motion pictures, documentaries, television shows as well as for advertising.

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